Image Processing

Anita Sellent, Uwe Schmidt, Summer Semester 2016


The course image processing consists of lectures and practical exercises. In the lecture we start with the basics of image formation and image representation, cover the core image processing tools and proceed up to advanced methods of image denoising and deconvolution.
To gain experience in image processing, the lectures are accompanied by practical exercises. In the exercises the students implement some of the concepts seen in the lectures themselves.
Note: we break the alternating rhythm of exercises and lectures to have a lecture on 13.6.2016!

Lectures: Monday, 13:00 – 14:30, APB E007, Begin: 04. April 2016, every second week.
Exercise: Monday, 13:00 – 14:30, APB E040, Begin: 11. April 2016, every second week.
Prerequisites: good knowledge of maths, programming.
Credits: 1/1/0 SWS = 3 credit points, oral exam,
Enrollment: jExam,
Attendees: max. 60.
Note: Lectures are held in English with slides in English. Literature notes are given for each lecture, many of them refer to the book: “Digital Image Processing” by Gonzales and Woods.

Note on the oral exam:
The exercises are part of the exam, we expect students to have in depth knowledge on the programming tasks.
Due to organizational reasons, oral examinations for this semester must be taken before 31.7.2016 Examinations in later semesters are possible on personal appointment.


Lectures: Exercises:
04.04: Image Formation slides 11.04: Demosaicing task
18.04: Image Representation slides 25.04: Fourier Transform task
02.05: Linear Filters and Edge Detection slides 09.05: Edges task
23.05: Noise and Denoising slides1 slides2 30.05: Noise task
06.06: Denoising slides
13.06: Denoising and Deblurring slides1 slides2 20.06: Denoising Exercise task test images
27.06: Deblurring, Inpainting, High-order MRFs & Learning slides1 slides2 slides3 04.07: Denoising and Deconvolution Exercise task
11.07: High Dynamic Range Imaging slides