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We offer projects and thesis topics (“Forschungsspraktikum”, “Grosser Beleg”, “Bachelor, Master, and Diploma Thesis). The topics cover a wide range of application fields and different methodologies – see our general research overview. Each researcher describes the researcher field he is interested in below – please contact them directly. It is often best to tailor the project to your background and interests. At the end of the webpage, you can also find specific announcements of projects (often in cooperation with other teams).


Florian JugTracking and Segmentation in 2D and 3D Microscopy

The ultimate goal is to develop an accurate, flexible and interactive tracking tool which can be applied to a large variety of biological data. To build such a system poses a lot of challenging tasks in the fields of machine learning and discrete optimization, such as accurate segmentation; fast inference in graphical models, life-long learning, interactive visualization, etc.

Does this sound interesting? Just get in touch with me, I am sure we can discuss your interests and find a matching project. Such a project could span a large range from online microscopy control, theoretical contributions regarding inference and learning with graphical models, or even human-machine interfaces and visualization in the context of tracking and proofreading. I’m looking forward hearing from you!

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Specific topics

Mapping 3D Cell Topography from Super-Resolution Microscopy Images (please contact: Florian Jug)

Its an exciting topic: Please see the Poster.